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Freeman DysonMathematician, Crowthorne

Name: Freeman Dyson
Date of Birth: Dec 15, 1923
Place of Birth: Crowthorne
Profession: Mathematician
Nationality: United Kingdom
Zodiac Sign: taurus

Freeman Dyson's Profession

  • Mathematician
  • Professor
  • Author
  • Scientist
  • Physicist
  • Science writer

Freeman Dyson also know as

  • Freeman J Dyson
  • Freeman John Dyson FRS
  • Freeman John Dyson
  • freeman_dyson

Freeman Dyson's Parents

Freeman Dyson's Spouse

Freeman Dyson's Children

Awards won by Freeman Dyson

  • Templeton Prize
  • Hughes Medal
  • Max Planck Medal
  • Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • Enrico Fermi Award
  • Wolf Prize in Physics
  • Henri PoincarĂ© Prize
  • Lorentz Medal
  • National Book Critics Circle Award for General Nonfiction


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