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Terry BradshawVoice acting, Shreveport

Name: Terry Bradshaw
Date of Birth: Sep 2, 1948
Place of Birth: Shreveport
Profession: Voice acting
Nationality: United States
Zodiac Sign: taurus

Terry Bradshaw's Profession

  • Voice acting
  • Commentator
  • American football player
  • Sports analyst

Terry Bradshaw also know as

  • The Blond Bomber
  • Mr. Steel Arm
  • Bradshaw, Terry
  • Terry Paxton Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw's Parents

Terry Bradshaw's Spouse

Terry Bradshaw's Children

  • Rachel Bradshaw
  • Erin Bradshaw

Awards won by Terry Bradshaw

  • Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year
  • AP Most Valuable Player
  • Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Sports Personality - Studio Analyst


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